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What I Offer

Permanent make up


£160 for the first session

£50 for touch-up after 1-3 months

Powder brows

£180 for the first session

£50 for touch-up

Lip contour


Lip Blush

£190 for the first session

£50 for touch-up


£140 for the first session

£50 for touch-up

Scalp Micropigmentation

The price depends on the size of the pigmentation area and is agreed upon individually after a consultation with the patient.

Microneedling Mesotheraphy (Dermapen)

The price starts from £90 for one session or £210 for a package of three sessions

Microneedling Mesotheraphy (Dermapen/Estgen)

£90 for one session

Dermal fillers

Lip enhancement

£160 (1ml) Revolax

£210 (1ml) Juvederm

Nasolabial folds

£160 (1ml) Revolax

 £210 (1ml) Juvederm


I’m Ewa Oleszkowicz

I have been running the Evann Micropigmentation Clinic Permanent Make-up & Scalp Micropigmentation since November 2018.

I have always been passionate about the beauty industry, keeping up with the latest trends and developments.

I have 8 years of experience assisting a doctor in hair transplant procedures. For the last 1.5 years I have also been working at the Harley Street Hair Clinic, doing ATP (Advanced Tricho Pigmentation is similar like popular SMP procedures).

The experience gained at one of the world’s top hair clinics allows me to provide my Clients with top-quality professional advice and services and deliver outstanding results.

At Evann we deliver beautifully natural results. Our Clients don’t have to worry that their make-up will look exaggerated or overdone.


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Frequently Asked

Does it hurt?

Before the procedure I apply numbing cream to the area covered so the process is practically painless.

How long does permanent make-up last?

Depending on the skin type, the results typically last 1 – 2 years.

How long does is take for the procedure to be completed?

On average the procedure takes around 2.5 hours.

When to get permanent makeup touch-up and for what procedures?

It’s best to wait 4 weeks – 3 months after a procedure to make the first touch-up appointment.

"Mrs. Eva's amazing skills and nice atmosphere made me use Evann Beauty services more often!" "I just did permanent eye lines so I’m very happy😊Eva is a really nice person and a great professional. I can't wait for the next treatment. Highly recommended!! Thank you Eva😊"


"I just did permanent eye lines and eyebrows and I’m so happy. I really love them😘 Eva has amazing skills and is incredibly patient! Highly recommend.Thank you Eva once again.😊"


"I just did permanent eye lines and eyebrows and Im so happy ,Im really love them😘.Eva's amazing skills ,patient!Highly recommend.Thank you Eva once again.😊"



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